Downeast Cider House

While at a craft beer festival, I came across Downeast cider and was floored by the crispness and authenticity of its taste. Downeast is located right outside of Boston and was started by a group of recently college graduates who made  the first batch of cider by hand. With hard ciders becoming very popular now, it is very easy to find a cider that has a taste that is too sweet and tastes too much like apple concentrate. With Downeast, the flavor is subtle, crisp, and delicious, you can tell that this company values the authenticity of their product and put a lot of effort into ensuring that it does not taste like the other ciders out there. I have heard through the grapevine that they have other products out there but unfortunately have not had the chance to try them. Hopefully when I visit Boston in September, I get a chance to check out everything that they have to offer. If you are in the Boston area or will be visiting, check out their location at 200 Terminal St. Charlestown, MA, if not you can always check to see if its being sold locally near you.

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