Beyond Meat

This post is for both my meat lovers and my meat haters! This past spring I came across this product while coming up with Friday night dinners during lent ( Catholics don’t eat meat on Fridays) , I purchased it because it was on sale and figured I would give it a try. After getting home, I decided to put this product into my meat sauce instead of my usual beef to see how it would turn out. Surprised does not even explain how I was feeling when I realized that using Beyond Meat created a better meat sauce than I have ever made with my traditional chopped meat in the past. Beyond Meat is a wonderful alternative and even comes pre-seasoned. This company has a variety of other products but I have not tried anything but the crumbled beef, I always have a package of it in my freezer. I don’t only recommend this product to all my meat free readers, I recommend it to everyone! This product is packed with protein and has half the fat of ground beef which makes it not only delicious but healthy too!

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