Baked By Melissa

What started as a tiny shop in NYC has now become a booming business with 12 locations located around the city and in NJ, they even have a shop in JFK! Baked By Melissa is a company that bakes teeny tiny one bite (if you are like me) or 2 bite (normal people) cupcakes that come in more flavors than you could ever imagine. Each month they feature a new flavor (this month is Boston cream) The cupcakes are so colorful and fun and are perfect for any occasion! Birthday party? Bring cupcakes! Wedding? Who needs a wedding cake….get cupcakes! Housewarming? Definitely bring cupcakes! Made your girlfriend mad? Cupcakes it is! While the flavors are amazing and the company is friendly and fantastic my absolute favorite part about Baked By Melissa is…the cupcakes are guilt free. If you need a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth a cupcake from Baked Bt Melissa is the way to go they are so small but so flavor packed and can leave you satisfied without blowing all of your calories in 1 place. I am a big fan of the company and if you have not tried these cupcakes yet you really should, you will be blown away!

Keep On Keeping On



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