Virgil’s Root beer

I have very fond memories of root beer floats as a little girl and sucking on root beer barrels (my mom’s favorite candy) , lets just say root beer holds a special place in my heart. As a foodie I love when the simple things I had as a child gets pumped up a notch into foodie form. This root beer is microbrewed and uses only the best ingredients from around the world. Also, there is none of that artificial sweetener in here only cane sugar in this baby. From the first sip you can tell that this is a special product, the flavors are the perfect concoction and it is a nice break from a busy day or a great way to enjoy a weekend BBQ! This drink is especially nice for this of you that are not alcohol drinkers because while everyone around you is pounding down the beer and liquor you can enjoy an even better drink without the hangover that they will all have tomorrow. Virgil’s root beer is available all across the country so just hop onto their website, find a location, and try this magical drink for yourself!

Keep On Keeping On



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