Twin Cone

Twin Cone is the definition of my childhood! Growing up in Wurtsboro, NY this local ice cream shop was a staple in my family. As a very young child i would love rolling down the hill that Twin Cone was on top of, being so young I though that the hill was HUGE but looking at it from an adult’s eyes it does not even qualify as a hill. Twin Cone has so many memories from having my tounge get stuck to an ice pop because it was to cold , to sharing my last ice cream with my dad before he passed away from lung cancer. The ice cream is fabulous especially the vanilla/orange soft-serve twist, if you’re a fan of creamsicle  you will love this.  They have HUGE servings to watch out before you order a medium or a large because you will probably need someone to help you finish it. Twin Cone holds a very special place in my heart and it will always be a place of my childhood, I will always remember my dad sitting me on the counter and me sticking my head through the window to watch the ice cream come out of the soft serve machine and into my cone. If you are ever up by Bloomingburg, Ny think twice before passing up this amazing place that is right off the highway.

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2 thoughts on “Twin Cone

  1. Twin Cone along with a lot of her friends and the best boss ever Phil was a very big part of my daughter Krissy Croce teenage life. The best ice cream and service anywhere

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