Potlicker Kitchen Wine Jelly

While at the spring seasonal beer festival in Manhattan a while ago, I came across a table that was selling jams and jellies. I thought nothing of it and was about to walk right by when I realized that the jelly that they were selling was made out of BEER and WINE! And so mu conversation with the owner of Policker Kitchen began, I learned of how one day she ran out of fruit to make jelly with and instead used a bottle of wine since it was a fruit at some point. Thus began the invention and journey of wine jelly along with beer jelly to follow. This is truly a great product that can be eaten at any time of the day (it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere). Sometimes I spread some wine jelly on my morning toast and feel like a total rebel having wine for breakfast, it’s a lot of fun. While I am in love with their wine jelly (I haven’t had the opportunity to try anything else) they also create some other not so traditionally flavored jellies and jams. Some of the flavors include, coffee jelly, apple pie jelly, pineapple habanero, and blueberry sage. I only imagine how much fun a job like this could be, coming up with new and interesting flavors to delight their customers. To can purchase all of their products online (unless you get lucky and find them at an event like I did) the jellies and jams are very reasonably priced at around $7 each and they have discount deals if you want to stock up and order a bunch. I hope you decide to go on a jam and jelly journey with Policker Kitchen.

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6 thoughts on “Potlicker Kitchen Wine Jelly

  1. Oh what a good idea! Jams made with wine would be perfect for a morning breakfast when you need a “boost” before work 😉 haha I bet that festival was so awesome! We want to come to NYC when there is a festival like that, so when would we find another interesting food or wine fest?

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    1. October 15-18 is the NY wine and food festival! ( http://nycwff.org ) I am unsure how far away from NYC you are but this is something worth going to it supports a great cause to help the hungry ( no kid hungry, and the niece food bank). If you are able to make it, it will be a fantastic time. Also September 25-27th is the NY coffee festival if you are a big coffee fan ( http://www.newyorkcoffeefestival.com ). If i had to choose 1 or the other though I would go for the food & wine festival!


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