Meredith’s Bread

This was yet another great Ramsey (NJ) Farmers Market find last fall! Sometimes gluten-free products are so good you would pick it over regular gluten filled product any day and this is the time. I very quickly fell in love with the gluten-free pumpkin bread  and continued on to their other products like their zucchini bread and carrot bread. Gluten filled or gluten-free every one of their products that I have tried have been amazing! Eating Meredith’s is like coming home to freshly baked goodies made by your grandma, it’s a comforting piece of home. While they do sell yummy goodies like pumpkin bread, they also sell absolutely mind blowingly good breads. My favorite is an oatmeal walnut bread (YOU NEED TO TRY IT) with a little bit of coconut butter on it paired with a great cup of coffee. Meredith’s is a local NY company based out of Kingston, NY but you can find them at farmers markets in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx as well as others outside of the NYC area. Enjoy the exciting tastes and flavors as you try out this fabulous company.

Keep On Keeping On



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