Mamma Chia

I have been a big fan of Mamma Chia for a while now. The drinks are absolutely delicious with a variety of different flavors ranging from a more mellow guava to a flavor packed cranberry lemonade. The company is based out of California but luckily we have it right here in our local whole foods. Mamma chia also makes a “chia squeeze” product that does not have to be refrigerated and has a fairly long shelf life so it makes for a perfect grab and go snack for not only yourself but also your children. Mamma Chia is a perfect post workout drink, pre- workout drink, snack, breakfast, ANYTHING! It is worth trying once (but I’m sure you’ll get hooked) and even something great to give to the little ones in your life. Check them out at your local whole foods and on Facebook. They usually run promotions/ contests on Facebook to score some free Mamma Chia, good luck and I hope all of my readers win!

Keep On Keeping On


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