Earth Cafe

This one is for all of my vegan/raw readers. This company created raw and vegan desserts that are beyond fabulous! I first came across this when living in New Jersey but Earth Cafe is a local CA company. You can find these delicious desserts at random places if you get lucky enough, their website does not have a tab that shows where their products are sold so I have no idea how to tell you where to purchase some. Anyway, the blueberry cheesecake that I sampled was more than I ever expected it would be and my taste buds were so happy from the first bite to the last. The crust is made with a mixture of nuts and the cheesecake itself has while blueberries in it. I have not tried their other products but if i get lucky enough to find them at a store again I will definitely pick up some more flavors. If you want to go on a whim and order some without sampling, you can order their products on their website I really hope you all get to try this product, so keep your eyes peeled and if you see it out and about jump at the opportunity to try it.

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