Diner By The Sea

This one is for all of you Long Islanders out there! In November of 2014 I participated in a Lung Cancer Walk near Woodbury, since I was on Long Island I figured that I should try the milkshakes that have been recommended to me for a long time. The milkshakes at the Diner By The Sea are known as the best that Long Island has to offer but me being one to love simplicity I ordered just a regular vanilla milkshake. What appeared in front of me (picture above) was an exciting and colorful creation with a glitter filled bracelet on top. The milkshake was delicious but the presentation was even better!  They have a wide variety of flavors and the diner itself is beautiful with an old school vibe. If you live on Long Island or plan on visiting, you HAVE to stop by and get a milkshake, it is worth it!

They are located at

260 E Park Ave
Long Beach, NY

Keep On Keeping On



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