Ronnybrook Farm

Rewind back to when you were a child and chocolate milk was the best thing on the planet (Its ok if you still feel that way as an adult, we are all big kids at heart at the end of the day). While at a local farmers market in Allendale, NJ I came across a stand that was selling milk in glass bottles, if you have read my previous posts you will know that anything in glass is something that I am drawn to. I walked over to the booth to pick up some farm fresh milk when I saw it….CHOCOLATE MILK! I decided that instead of getting some regular milk for my morning cereal I would shoot for some chocolate milk instead. Well, my first chocolate milk did not even make it back to the car before I absolutely devoured it. I returned back to the booth ashamed that I was able to drink so much chocolate milk so quickly and purchased some more (thank goodness they didn’t remember that I had been there already!) As New Yorkers it is sometimes difficult to find truly fresh milk because 1.not many people are selling it is much easier to pick up a gallon at the local grocery store or corner store. Ronnybrook sells their milk as well as their decadent chocolate milk at farmers markets all over, just check their website and see where you can pick some up around you.

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