If you like Greek food then Kefi is the place to be! I am not Greek but I sure do appreciate the Greek cuisine especially Lamb (sorry to all of my vegan and vegetarian readers). About a month ago I visited Keifi located at 505 Columbus Avenue in Manhattan in hopes of getting some good Greek food. I read some reviews online before going in but the reviews did not do it any justice at all. The restaurant itself is beautiful and even has outdoor seating, the hostess was friendly and even complimented me on my outfit (she got major brownie points for that), and our server was also extraordinary. The service is not what the focus was on though…I wanted to try some food! I ordered the hand rolled pasta assuming that it can not get any fresher then that since very few places hand-roll pasta anymore. Along with my meal I also ordered a glass of  white sangria that was recommended by the server. Let me begin by saying that the sangria was one of the best that I have tried, it was pretty close to perfection with its sweet flavor and abundance of fresh fruit floating in it. After drinking my sangria a little quicker then I would like to mention, my pasta showed up (photo above). The pasta, as mentioned before was hand rolled and contained pieces of pulled lamb, crumbled cheese and their own sauce. I can not even put into words how fantastic this dish was but I will try for the sake of my readers! The lamb was cooked to absolute perfection and the sauce was sweet and savory, but the best part was the pasta. The pasta was so fresh and was unlike anything I have had before, you could tell that the chef loved their job and put real passion into cooking the food. I can not recommend this restaurant enough, even if you have not tried Greek food before this is a place to go. I hope that you love Kefi as much as I did and don’t forget to order some sangria.

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2 thoughts on “Kefi

  1. Hello Danielle, we appreciate the kind words from you and we are glad you enjoyed your meal at KEFI. Next time you come in ask for me (Yianni) and I will make sure to take great care of you. Again thank you for the kind words and honest review.

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