Grady’s Cold Brew

This is NOT just another cold brew on the shelf of your local grocery store. Grady’s is different from the others because unlike your typical cold brew, Grady’s is a coffee concentrate. While your typical bottle of cold brew will last you only 1 drink, Grady’s provides you with up to 8 cups of coffee. When I first came across this coffee I was a little concerned to be honest because I have never associated the word concentrate with the word healthy. To my surprise, this coffee concentrate did not contain anything other than coffee and water. In fact, Grady’s is just a super strong and super yummy coffee that can be diluted with whatever you wish. Personally, I just put some half and half and a tiny bit of sugar into half a glass of Grady’s and I’m good to go. Grady’s is yet another fabulous New Orleans style coffee and has become a staple in my household. They are a local company born and raised in Brooklyn and they even have a coffee cart at 150 Banker St in Brooklyn that is open Monday- Friday   8Am- Noon. Drinking this coffee is like taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of the day and having time stand still while you enjoy a magically delicious cup of coffee. Grady’s comes in the bottled version (picture above) but it also comes in a “brew your own” version! Grady’s sells bags of coffee much like tea bags that you can make your own concentrate with BY THE PITCHER. You can purchase either option (and i recommend you do) at their online store, various locations around the 5 boroughs and through Once you try Grady’s you won’t be going back to your old la-di-da iced coffee!

Keep On Keeping On



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