Fab Ferments 

While traveling, I found a fabulous kombucha on tap with an even more fabulous name “groovy grape”. For those of you new to the kombucha world, it is a drink made by fermenting sweet black tea with yeast and bacteria. IT SOUNDS DISGUSTING I KNOW! Although it does not sound appealing, the health benefits are extraordinary and if you have an ailment kombucha will help. I have tried a few different brands and fab ferments definitely makes my top 3 list. Fab Ferments is a local Cincinatti company and their products are only sold in Cincinatti and a few surrounding areas or via their online store. The variety of flavors that they have are amazing but when I was in Cincinatti the only flavors on tap were groovy grape and a lemon ginger flavor. If you have not tried kombucha before and live in the Cincinatti area I recommend you try the groovy grape, it is sweet and refreshing unlike others that I have tried. If you already are a fan of this company or have tried it but live too far away to purchase it in Cincinnati I THINK that you can purchase it via their website (don’t take my word on this).This company started so small and it’s exciting to see that they are growing!

Keep On Keeping On



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