Culture Yogurt

Well..It Can Not Get Any More Local Then This

Coming across this yogurt was such a treat for both my eyes and my mouth. As a foodie, I am always excited to pick up a product (that is not a beverage) that is packaged in glass. In my opinion food tastes better out of a glass container so finding a yogurt packaged in glass is always a treat. From the first bite I was hooked, I am not a big yogurt person but this yogurt was so enjoyable it was like eating a dessert.  Culture yogurt comes in a variety of flavors but key lime is my favorite, the yogurt is thick and delicious while also providing you a variety of live cultures (probiotics) to keep your digestive system happy. On top of their traditional yogurts, they also make frozen yogurt and yogurt milk. This yogurt can be found at some small stores around the city including whole foods but why not just go to the source?!? Culture has their very own store located at 331 5th Ave right here in Brooklyn and 60 West 8th St in Manhattan. They are there to serve up fantastic, fresh, and delicious yogurt to you 7 days a week and can also answer any questions that you have (they are  yogurt professionals). If you are craving some thick and creamy local yogurt made right here I recommend trying out Culture.. You won’t be disappointed!

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