Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

What could be better than a delicious glass of ginger ale? I Know! A delicious glass of ginger ale from BROOKLYN and that is UNFILTERED! I came across this ginger ale when a representative was doing a tasting of it at a NJ grocery store, I sampled the blood orange and was amazed at how great it was. Let me preface the rest of this post by saying if you are not a fan of ginger, this is not the product for you. I on the other hand LOVE ginger everything from switchel (I will discuss this in a later post) to ginger chews. Seeing as I have a love for ginger, this drink has become my perfect match! There are so many wonderful things about this product it makes it hard to not love it.

  1. It’s from Brooklyn
  2. It’s unfiltered (small remnants of ginger settle to the bottom of the bottle making it even more delicious)
  3. There are 5 flavors
  4. It can be used to create some fantastic cocktails

So if you are a fan of ginger you will love this ginger ale because it is not like the others out there that last like seltzer with pounds of sugar and a hint of ginger flavoring. This is the real deal and to all my ginger fanatics out there you will thank me for this post. Enjoy your drink!

Keep On Keeping On



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